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posted on 4-Tue-2-2020

best keyword research tool for amazon

In today’s competitive market, online sellers need to use every possible tool that can help them boost their sales and let them know what are people searching for on amazon. For Amazon sellers, one such tool is the Amazon Keyword tool. 

The Amazon keyword tools tell you how to choose keywords for amazon and let the sellers find amazon keywords that are perfect for their product so that they can rank their product better on Amazon and improve conversions. With the help of the right keywords, sellers can greatly increase their product sales.

Best Paid Amazon Keyword Search Tools

Below, we have listed some of the top paid amazon keyword research tools. IO Scout Tool for your business. Although you have to pay a little, these tools generate very accurate and relevant keywords and also tells you amazon keyword ranking.

1. Viral Launch

best amazon keyword research tool

Viral Launch is an amazon keywords generator that uses the data from Amazon to generate the most useful keywords for your product and. It blocks the irrelevant keywords and only shows those that actually help you rank better. Through this tool, you can also see the historical trends. Viral Launch is definitely the best amazon keyword research tool. 

Viral Launch has four different types of pricing plans starting from 50.15/month. You can choose other plans with more advanced features based on your needs.

2. IO Scout

keyword tool amazon

IO Scout allows the sellers to find the most relevant and accurate keywords related to their products. It analyzes a large data set and generates hundreds of keywords based on what the customers are really looking for and also lets you find the keyword search volume. IO Scout is among the best amazon keyword search tools.

Another big feature of this tool is that it allows the sellers to monitor keywords performance for the past two years and also displays monthly trends.

3. Helium 10

amazon keywords generator

To find high-quality and relevant keywords, Helium 10 offers a feature known as “Magnet.” This feature not only finds the most useful keywords but also lets you apply filters such as word count, search volume, etc. so that you can make your search more accurate. It also estimates the keyword search volume. Magnet is undoubtedly a very powerful amazon keyword tracker.

Helium 10 offers 4 packages including a free one. The Elite plan costs $397/month and consists of all the features that Helium 10 offers.  

4. Jungle Scout

how to choose keywords for amazon

Jungle Scout offers three subscription plans. The chrome extension is available at just $19/month whereas the Jungles Scout app along with the chrome extension is available at $49/month.

Best Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

It is not always necessary to use paid amazon seo tools for finding the best keywords for your products as there are many free tools as well that produce accurate results.

1. Amazon Autocomplete

amazon keyword tracker

Amazon Autocomplete is an amazon keyword planner and is the best amazon keyword tool. 

To use this free amazon keyword tool you don’t need to download any app or extension as this tool is basically the Amazon search engine. When you enter any word on the Amazon search engine, it displays many other relevant keywords as well that you can use for your product.  

2. Google Keyword Planner

amazon keywords

Google Keyword Planner is another amazing way to find keywords relevant to your product. Since this tool is by Google it uses the data available on Google and generates keywords based on that data. When you enter a word or term related to your product, this tool generates a list of useful keywords.

3. Keywords Everywhere

best amazon keyword research tool

Keywords Everywhere is an amazing Amazon keyword tool and is available for Amazon as a chrome extension. Once you have downloaded this plugin, you can go to amazon and search for a keyword and this extension will show the estimated monthly search volume for all the keywords that appear in the search bar. 

You can also find the keyword density on a product’s page through this tool. S urely, it is the best keyword research tool for amazon that is available for free. 

Concluding Words

All in all, Amazon keyword tools are very useful for sellers as they them help in increasing conversions. Whether you should use a free or paid tool really depends on what type of keyword information you are looking for.


Q: What are Amazon Keywords for products?

A: Amazon keywords are simply words or terms related to your product that help you in improving your product’s ranking on Amazon.

Q: Can I use as many keywords as I want on Amazon?

A: No, there is a limit to how many keywords you can add to a listing. To get the best results, it is always important that you only use relevant keywords instead of overstuffing them.

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