Keepa Review - The Complete Guide

posted on 13-Thu-2-2020

What is Keepa?

Keepa is an Amazon Price Tracker tool which also comes as a Keepa Chrome extension . The tool can also be used as an extension in other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, etc. IO Scout is a great alternative to Keepa. IO Scout has free tools like sales estimator Sales Estimator and FBA calculator.

Keepa Features

The Keepa tool can improve your shopping experience while you are online, on Amazon. Keepa tool is so famous that was listed in “The Best Amazon Price Trackers” in 2017. But unfortunately, very few people have reviewed this tool.

When should you grab a product on Amazon? Is the sale price really the cheapest one or not? What is the price of this product on other e-commerce sites? Keepa automatically answers all of these questions and many more. Isn’t it amazing? It helps to improve your online shopping experience.

The Keepa extension supports all Amazon websites and languages like English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. Now, let’s discuss the major features offered by the Keepa extension

For Whom Was the Keepa Tool made?

If you are a seller on Amazon and want your product to reach a wide audience, then this tool, Keepa, is for you. The tool covers new sellers who have just selling products to professional sellers who are selling numerous products per month. In simple words – Keepa is a wonderful software that can be used to research about the best price of a specific product and sales rank of that product. If you need a tool for retail investment or some other purpose, Keepa can give full justice to your needs.


What Type of Information You Are Offered By this tool?

With Keepa tool you get insights of the product like price history, sales rank, used offer prices, new offer prices. Keepa is a software that even offers you information on top-ranked sellers and products.

This long list of features that this tool offers you doesn’t end here. This long list goes on and on. As you will start using this software, you will get to know about its advanced features which can in-turn help you get some good-quality products. It will be ensured that these products sell quickly and increase your ROI.

Keepa Extension of Google Chrome

So, you might have understood that how useful this tool can be for you.

Using this tool as the Google Chrome extension can help you in multiple ways. This will help you:

  • Average sales rank evaluation
  • Product price history and stability evaluation
  • Updation on prices of products that have been listed by you for sale.

Keepa Tool Extension’s Main Features

  • The tool helps you access the product price history on Amazon. Now this means that you can check what prices earlier the products were sold for.
  • This software sends you notifications when any product’s price on Amazon drops below.
  • With this tool, users are able to compare international prices and the prices of products on eBay.
  • The Keepa software helps you import your Amazon wish list for easy tracking.

How Much Does This Keepa Tool Cost?

Keepa has recently dropped its monthly rates from $17 to $15. This price drop was announced in October 2019. For Keepa Premium Plan, the price is $15. This plan comes with all the features that can be offered to you through this tool. Keepa even has a 100% - free plan that offers certain information but does not cover everything we have discussed so far in this blog.

Final Thoughts

Keepa software or tool is a very cheap tool that you can invest in for your business. Once you get this tool on board, you will not have any troubles getting all the cool stats it offers which in turn will help you achieve a great, positive ROI on this little investment.


How Do I Install Keepa?

For getting this tool, simply, visit the official website of the manufacturer and follow the account creation process. At first, their website may seem to be putting you in confusion, but you just have to ignore the confusing part and proceed with registration.

Confirm your email address after registering yourself on Keepa official website. After this, switch on the subscription option that you will get in the account settings in the top right corner. Now you can use the Keepa tool and set up your account for further use.

How Can I Use Keepa Extension in the Google Chrome?

If you want to add the Keepa extension in the Google Chrome, then all you have to do is to download the extension first. You will get the extension from the Google Chrome store. Follow the instructions given on the screen to get the Keepa plugin setup in your Google Chrome web browser. Once you are done with instructions, you are ready to use Keepa.

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