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posted on 3-Tue-3-2020

Anyone who sells on Amazon knows that it's not easy to get people to buy your product.

It's no secret that getting ratings is one of the hardest phases of releasing a product in the retail market. Ratings are a large part of earning sales. Yet sales also need to go up to get reviews. It could sound like a confusing loop.

However, it all shows the importance of reviews.

What is Jump Send?

JumpSend is a platform designed to help you get the feedback you need. There will be attempts to mitigate negative reviews.

JumpSend was designed to help Amazon's salespeople get more reviews and thereby boost their sales. To learn more about such tools visit the link Sellers will raise positive reviews and minimize negative reviews by taking advantage of the online retail site's best deal and a sophisticated automated email system on a 100,000 + customer network. All its operations are in compliance with Amazon's terms of service and the company will not be taken off the breach market. JumpSend doesn't work on all marketplaces but works anywhere it can be deployed

In short, JumpSend only has one task, which is to boost your sales and improve your positive reviews. This method uses a number of means which will be dealt with later. Now, let's take a look at the rating policies on Amazon

JumpSend Features

If you're looking for a means to get more reviews, then it's important that you choose an option that doesn't get you in trouble because of a lack of compliance with company policy.

As of October 3rd, 2017, Amazon introduced new policies on how sellers can collect and add some incentives to reviews. These changes meant that a lot of review businesses had to stop operations because they couldn't deal with the new changes. Sellers who also continued to add incentives to reviews in this way also risked being suspended by the online retail outlet.

The JumpSend development team managed to adapt to those changes. They also converted Review Kick (their feedback approach focused on offering clients discounts) into JumpSend. JumpSend works to comply entirely with all laws and to comply with them for many years to come.

Whether you will be using JumpSend or another device, they will comply with the terms of service. It doesn't matter how many scores you get when you end up with a banned account.

How does JumpSend Function?

JumpSend has components that work together to give you great positive reviews and higher sales rankings and higher sales.

There are other ways that a seller can try to boost sales and get feedback. They include:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Facebook adverts
  • Amazon-sponsored adverts.

These options can all help you get the right results but JumpSend does it uniquely.

jumpsend amazon

JumpSend has a marketplace where about 100,000 Amazon consumers are given offers. All of these customers are hunting for the first-class items offerings. You build discount codes after which your company will be advertised on the website for these customers to see when you sign up to be on JumpSend. You are encouraging the customer to buy the products from you at a discount using the coupon codes.

This method works better than making a low price list for your company. Low price means low quality and consumers' perception is that they are buying some inferior products. They're not going to put a lot of confidence in the product and make it easier to find negative reviews. The truth remains that individuals are much more likely to be sold at a discount to leave constructive feedback on theat of goods. Instead of crossing your fingers, while waiting for your promotions to do all the work, JumpSend does deliver something special. This platform collects emails from people interested in the product that will help you nudge shoppers to leave reviews using an automated JumpSend email system, allowing you to schedule follow-up emails after a customer makes a purchase to remind them to make a review. JumpSend has templates for email that can be changed and helps you customize emails.

The addition of virtual rewards to the e-mail is even feasible

What is JumpSend pricing?

JumpSend has 4 main pricing tiers and they include:

  • Starter: $29/month
  • Entrepreneur: $59/month
  • Business: $99/month
  • Enterprise: $199/month

Each pricing tier has its own respective features and the degree of functionality that they allow the user.

JumpSend is a great option to launch your product quickly into Amazon. It's not without its faults but when used properly, it takes you steps ahead of the competition.


Is there a free trial?


Can I register my account on Jump Send website?

Yes, you can.

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