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posted on 25-Tue-2-2020

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Price tracking can also be called competitive price tracking. It is the process of how prices of a product usually fluctuate. It also enhances one's pricing strategy. What most people do nowadays is to compare the prices of products online before they buy them. Price tracking is essential for one's business. Price tracker also means that when a buyer instantly looks for an affordable price of a product before buying. A price tracker keeps track of the fluctuation in the price of a product and makes one receive alerts when the price of a product drops.

How Does Price Tracker Work?

  • Creating a Product Watchlist:  Add all the product links from the website of Amazon and insert them into Google sheet. 
  • By Fixing Price Threshold:  Fix a threshold price for one or more products for you to get email notifications when the threshold is reached.
  • Check Your Email:  Always check your email, because you will always receive emails daily about price changes for all watched products and quick notifications that have a threshold set.

Five Best Tracking Tools on Amazon

  1. CamelCamelCamel
  2. Honey Extension.
  3. Slick Deals.
  4. WikiBuy
  5. Cheap Shark.


This is one of the most preferred methods for one to get a discount and also keep track of the prices of products on Amazon. You can install Chrome and Firefox for one to get to the site's features without leaving Amazon, or you can copy and paste an Amazon link. This CamelCamelCamel feature shows you how prices fluctuate. You should sign up for an account and also fix notifications for the site to send you notifications whenever the prices vary. This tool also provides price drop tool notification, but it's only through email.

Honey Extension:  The honey extension is always available on Chrome. It also compares prices. It gives you alerts whenever prices go down. This happens whenever you create a drop list. It is also available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. The people who make use of this honey extension can receive honey gold. And this gold can be exchanged for gift cards to stores like Amazon. This tool is one of the best price trackers because it's for free, and it is also placed on different platforms, which makes it much easier for one to use.

Deals:  Slick deals is known for its web-based price tracker, which is superb for viewing prices on any products on Amazon and other stores. The disadvantage of this price tracker is that it doesn't give you a full or well-detailed price history, unlike other price trackers. But it provides one notification in case the price of a product drops.

Buy:  This price tracker tool compares prices from different sellers when one shop on Amazon. It also gives alerts to you when the cost of the exact product you want is cheaper in another Seller's place on Amazon. It also gives one a full detailed price history, the delivery time, and the sum of all the prices of the product (tax and shipping). This price tracker tool is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and an iOS app, which gives one access to scan barcodes and to look for different prices of a product.

Shark:  Most of the other tools for price trackers concentrate more on products like electronics, apparel, household goods, and appliances. Cheap Shark is seen as the best option for people who play games to save money on video games. When one searches for a game on cheap Shark, it brings out the one with the lowest price. This one is prevalent among other price trackers. One of its most exceptional qualities is that it provides a large number of useful features under the Amazon product listing. One can compare the listing from other Amazon international prices.

Parrot:  Out of all the Amazon price history trackers, this tool has the best price drop. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't have many features, and it also supports only It also provides an iPhone shortcut to view the different price history of a product.

History (India Exclusive):  The disadvantage of this price tracker is that there is no price drop alert system. For those using iPhone, use Siri shortcut while those using Androids should download the price history app.  


Information is key ingredient to success. Without them, we are left out in the dark. These Amazon chrome extensions above can come in handy when it comes to getting information from on Amazon.

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